Monday, 19 October 2009

2D cube animation.

After looking at the stretch and squash effect We were then asked to create an animation using the same principles but using a cube with an antennae. I animated the cube in the same style as the ball using the stretch and squash to give the illusion of realistic movement.

I then animated the antennae as a secondary animation, this means that i had to animate it so it looked like it was moving along with the cube, similar to the movement of hair on a moving person.

2D ball animation.

I created a short animation looking at the squash and stretch of a moving object. Using the squash and stretch effect it gives the object the appearance of moving and impact without the viewer being aware that the object is actually changing shape. 

I animated the movement of a ball, using stretch when the ball is moving in the air and squash when the ball impacts the ground.

Monday, 12 October 2009

2D Animation experiment

We were asked to create a 2D hand drawn animation using a light box and a line tester. We had to start with a drawing of a circle which we had to morph, in 12 drawings, to a design of our own choice.
We also had to have a 25 frame hold at both the beginning and end. 
I chose for my circle to morph into an eye.

This animation style reminded me of some stop-motion animation that I did earlier in the year, using a white board and focusing on playing with the images.