Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Environment project.

We were asked to create an indoor 3d room for our environment project, To start off with I decided to create the dungeon scene that I had made for my background project. I spent a few days modeling the scene and began to texture it before deciding that I wasn't pleased with it and moving on to a different scene. I couldn't get the texturing right on it and I felt that there was too little in the actual scene.

I decided to move onto something that would be a little more challenging so I thought that I would try and model my flat. I did a quick sketch of the objects in the flat that I would want in my scene.

Once I had textured my scene I then went on to lighting it which was harder then I had first anticipated. I ended up using 44 lights in the scene to get the lighting how I wanted it. I used an ambient occlusion to bring out the detail which causes further problems as my scene was fairly dim I had to do the ambient occlusion a few times as when i merged it with my final render in photoshop it was too dark , the renders for the ambient occlusion took about an hour each time and I had to render it about 5 times to get the brightness I wanted.

Here is the final render.

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