Friday, 4 December 2009

Animating my own walk.

As it gets closer to Christmas we have been set our last task of the term. To animate our own walk, which was a lot harder then it sounds.
We had to video our own walks and then study them to animate them in both 2D and 3D. I have never really looked at my own walk before so it was strange seeing it on video.
I had to time the steps and look at the weight of my walk.

I think that my 2D animation turned out fairly well. I think that I managed to get the arm movements right as i don't move my arms much when I walk. I also don't have much of a bob in my step.

I timed myself walking and found that I took a full step every second so I knew how many frames I needed to draw. I then looked at my walk and worked out the key poses.

I found the 3D walk a lot harder and spent a lot of time on it. However i still thinks that it looks a bit robotic. I tried adding more bob in the step but it didn't look right when I did that as I don't have much bounce in mine.
I think that I am going to carry on working on it over Christmas to see if i can get a smooth natural flow to it.

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