Friday, 4 December 2009

Anticipation and interaction

This week we were set two tasks both to include interaction between the cubie character and another character.
The 2D assignment was to have a small and a large cube character. The small cube had to jump towards the larger one and the larger one to react to it showing some emotion.
I decided to have the smaller one jump and roll into the larger one, then the larger one to look angry and have the smaller one shuffle off looking depressed.
I liked how I managed to add the emotion of depression on the smaller cube but i think that i could have added more anticipation to the larger one when the smaller cube crashed into it as it looks like he just moves back.

2D Cubes.

For the 3D assignment we were asked to have the Mr Cubie to interact with a sphere. I wanted to have the cube sleeping and for the ball to crash down waking him up. I think that I needed to add more movement in the cube as the body doesn't move up and down when he is breathing.
I think that some of the movements are a little too slow and lack anticipation, However I was really pleased with a couple of the movements in the animation.
I think that I should have added some squash and stretch in that ball as it hits the floor.

3D Cube and Ball

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