Friday, 4 December 2009

Walk Cycles.

This week we were asked to animate a basic walk cycle in 2D and a walk in 3D using a rig we had been given .

I felt that the 2D walk went quite well and i think that i managed to get to grip with the basics of creating a walk. I did come across some problems during the process of making the cycle though. It took me three attempts to get it right as the first two he was jerking backwards and forwards.
I was pleased with the final outcome although there were a few problems with changing volumes in the legs, I think this was due to me over exaggerating the bob as he walked.

With the 3D walk we were given a rig, I think that my walk looked a bit robotic and lacked realism. I think that if i added another key frame for the down position it would have looked more realistic.

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